Minersville Modified Softball League

Minersville modified softball league

Entrance Fees:

1. Entrance money will vary from season to season depending on the leagues financial status.

2. Entrance money must be paid in full to the treasurer at the third meeting prior to the start of the season.  Checks can be made out to: MINERSVILLE AREA SOFTBALL LEAGUE

3. Entrance to the league is limited to 16 teams.


1. Official ball is the Dudley SB-12L RF.  Balls can be purchased at Schuylkill Valley Sports.

2. All other equipment will be ASA standards.

3. Bats will be one piece, single wall aluminum construction or wood.

NO: Composite, Multi wall, shelled, shaved, rolled, steel, or any other material besides aluminum alloy and wood. 

    - Bats must be legible and not to be tampered with. 

4. Game fields must be taken care of - grass cut, infield dragged, lined off etc.

    - A $25 fine will be imposed on the offending team.


1. No new teams will be eligible to vote in a pre-season meeting until team(s) is voted in and entrance fee is paid in full.

2. There is no limit to the number of representatives of each team coming to the site of the meeting; however, only 2 will represent their team at the meeting.

Season and Scheduling:

1. The length of the season, utilization of divisional type play, and the number of teams qualifying for the playoffs, will be dependent upon the number of teams entered in the league prior to the start of the season.  Determinations will be made by a majority vote of all teams with voting rights at all time.

2. The season will commence the last Sunday in April or first Sunday in May.

3. Subject to availability of playing fields, games will be played Monday - Thursday except in the month of May, when games will be played on Sundays recedomg the Memorial Day weekend.

4. No games will be scheduled on Memorial Day, Mothers Day or July 4th.

5. Regular season games will begin at 6:30pm with 15 minute grace period.  All playoff games will begin at 6:15pm without a 15 min grace period.

6. 10 run rule applies in all regular season and playoff games

7.  All playoff games will begin at 6:15pm, without 15 minute grace; the home team must complete there warmups by 5:50pm, and the visiting team must complete there warmups by 6:10pm.



1. Two (2) paid umpires will be utilized per game.  The commissioner of umpires will have the full responsibility of assigning umpires.

2. Umpires will be paid 1/2 pay ($15.00) for rain shortened games not completing the 3rd inning.  If only one umpire shows for the game. he will receive a pay ($45).

3. Any player touching or abusing an umpire will be subjected to suspension.  Length of suspension will be determined by the officers and the aggrieved umpire.

4. A $25.00 fine, to be paid within 48hrs, will also be imposed on the offending player, if said player expects to be reinstated.

5. Umpires will rotate in playoff games.


1. The league is open to any team with a recreational type set-up.  A majority vote of all teams is required.

2. A player in another league may participate in the Minersville league providing his name appears on the roster.

3. Teams may have as many players they want under the age of 21 but they must be at least 18yrs old and out of high school.  A player 17yrs old may appear on the roster but can't play until there 18th birthday.  All players under 21 must have their birthdate listed on the roster next to their name.

4. Any team found guilty of utilizing ineligible players will be disqualified for the remainder of the current season and the following season.  All games played up until the time of the disqualification will be forfeited and the franchise money will not be returned.  Disqualification applies to every person on the roster.


1. Rosters will be limited to 30 players.

2. Rosters must be submitted at the last meeting prior to the first game of the season.  A copy of the roster must be furnished to every team plus each officer at this meeting.

3. Players may be added to the roster the first full month of the season.  If a team has a full 30 man roster a player must be dropped before another is added.  Players being added to original roster must contact the league president or vice-president before they are eligible to play.

4. A player may switch teams the first month of the season one time only.

5. A final roster meeting will be held the Thursday after Memorial Day.  If changes were made to your roster you will need new copies for each team and officer.


1.  If an umpire is not notified of a postponement and appears for a game, or a game is rained out just prior to starting time, said umpire will recieve 1/2 pay.

2. A first baseman's glove may be utilized by the catcher and first baseman only.

3. A player may be inserted into the line up at any time during the game, regardless of when said said player arrives at the game.

4. Pitchers will not be allowed to warmup with the game ball.  The game ball must be presented to the umpire in container it came in.

5. Two new game balls will be supplied by the home team.  A new ball will be inserted after the completion of 3 1/2 innings.

6. If after one week grace period, two teams connot agree on a new date for a postponed game, the game will be played on the next Friday after the grace period.  If a field conflict orrurs, the league president will determine the field.

7. Each team is responsible for insurance on their field.  Insurance is included in the entrance fee for each team.

8. If, after 4 1/2 innings the home team is leading by 10 runs or more, the game is officially over.  If the visting team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 4 1/2 innings, the home team gets to complete the inning.  The same ruling applies for any ensuing innings that may be necessary.

9. No water or titanium bats allowed.  Single wall one piece aluminium only.  Approved bat list will be provided.

10. a $20.00 fine will be imposed on any team failing to send a representative to any meeting.

11. Deliberate contact rule: When a defensive player has the ball or is about to recieve the ball and the runner remains on their feet and deliberately, will excessive force, crashes into the defensive player, the runner will be out.

EFFECT - The runner is out, the ball is dead, and the baserunners must return to the last base touched at the time of the deliberate contact.  If the act is determined to be flagrant, the offender will be ejected.

12. In case of teams finishing with the same number of wins, but less losses, the win-lose percentage will determine the top team.

13. Third strike rule: When the catcher fails to catch the third strike before the ball touches the ground when there are less than two (2) outs and first base is unoccupied or anytime there are two (2) outs.

14. Game rules for the good of the league forgotten at the second league meeting for rules changes may be added at the roster meeting.

15. Playoff games to be completed, unless 10 run rule applies.  Playoff games will be continued from the point which they were stopped.

16. All new teams must be voted in.

17. No tank tops or head bands.  Wear team hats or nothing.  Uniforms preferred.

18. Re-entry: Any starting player may re-enter the game once occupying same batting position.

19. Games postponed the last two (2) weeks of the season will be scheduled by the league officers.

20. Games not made up during the season in specified time will also be scheduled by the league officers.

21.  Any rule for the good of the league forgotten at the league meeting for rule changes may be added at the roster meeting.

22.  Any game rules that are not stated here, will be referred to the ASA rule book.



1. The league officers will serve as board of arbitrators is cases of disputes, protests or other rules infractions.

2. The league officers may appoint a team of arbitrators among the umpires to settle technical issues.


1. Protests, in writing, will be turned over to the president of the league, within 48hrs of the game in question.  Non-refundable fee of $50.00 is required.

2. A fee will be paid to the board of arbitrators consisting of three (3) people.

Extra Player Rule

The Extrta Player (EP) can play defence.  Coaches have the option of using (1) EP.
An EP is optional, but if used, it must be made known prior to the start of the game and be listed on the line-up sheet or score sheet.

     1)   If the EP is used, he must be used the entire game.

     2)   The EP must remain in the same position in the batting order for the entire game.

     3)   If an EP is used, all 11 players must bat and any 10 can play defence.  Defensive positions can be changed, but the batting order must remain the same.

     4)   The EP may be substituted for at any time, either by a pinch runner or a pinch hitter who then becomes the EP.  The substitute may be a player who has not yet been in the game.

Any of the starting and substitute players may be withdrawn from the game and re-entered once.  (This includes the EP provided that the player occupy the original position in the batting order whenever in the game.)

Note: The original player and substitute cannot be in the game at the same time.

     a)   Violation of the re-entry rule results in the use of an illegal player.

     b)   Violation of the re-entry is handled as an appeal that can be made anytime during the game.

A team must have the required number of players to start or continue a game.

     a)   Ten (10), eleven (11) or twelve (12) players if the DP and EP are used.  If a team starts with the EP or be penalized as follows:  if the EP or any other player is remaved, injured, or ejected from the game with no substitute to replace the player, the vacant spot automatically becomes an out each time the vacant spot comes to bat.

     b)   When a team is left with a vacant spot in the lineup because of a player as described above, the opposing team may not, with two outs, intentionally or unintentionally walk the previous batter in the order to get to the "AUTOMATIC OUT" created by the vacant spot in the batting order.  If the previous batter is walked, the "AUTOMATIC OUT" is waived, and the next batter in the order in the lineup will bat.  This only applies with two outs.

Note: If a team has a vacant spot and a substitute arrives or the original player can play again, he must be inserted immediately into the vacant spot.

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