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2/21/2017- League Meeting munutes

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Roll call
1-Big Hill
3-Club 18
4-New Minersville
5-Minersville Fiire & Rescue (MFR)
6-Young Guns
7-South Cass
8-Tony's Meat Market (TMM)
9-Fishbone - Absent
10-Sosar's - Absent
11-Schuylkill Mountainers - Absent

New Teams
12-The Wheel
13-Progress Cleaners

- The 2 new teams (The Wheel and Progress Cleaners) were voted into the league for 2017.

- The League officers were voted on, There was no change of officers
President - Scott Brennan
Vic-President - Chris Glesner
Treasurer - John Williams
Secretary - Jason Holley

- Next meeting place and time set

wednesday March 22nd 
Chick's Bar (Gordon, PA)
Teams need to bring $200 entrance fee

RIP - Bob Rizzardi

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Tuesday September 6th 2016 - Robert Rizzardi Pasted away unexpectedly.  All of you who played in the Minersville Men's Modified League would remember him as the long time umpire that was friends with everyone.  Lets give a prayer to him and his family.

RIP Bob.

Year end summery

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Minersville Fire & Rescue fisnished out the year with the best head to head record.

Chick's Beaver Beat out Minersville Fire & Rescue for the 2016 championship!!

Anybody who umpired, who still needs to be paid contact John Williams, Mike Carney or Scott Brennan.

see you next year 2st meeting should be around march.

7/27/2016 playoff meeting minutes

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MFR - Chicks - WCH - Big Hill - Club 18 - Fishbone - South Cass - New Minersville

made playoffs

- all teams except fisbone had representatives show

-series 3-5-5

-any postponed game start backup from when they were stopped (no restarting games)

-1st 2 rounds of the playoffs the games start at 6:30pm

-the champoinship round games start at 6:15pm

- teams reseated after each round.

games start monday

May 2nd 2016 Game opener

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Games start May 2nd

final rosters due and remainder of  the league fees are due 6/2/2016 - contact the officers

4/21/2016 League meeting minutes

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4/21/2016 League meeting minutes

Roll call:
Team                                     initial $200 paid        final $700 paid      still owe

1- Big Hill                               X                              X
2- Chicks                               X                               X
3- Minersville, Fire & Rescue X                              X
4- Sosar's                              X                               X
5- Young Guns                      X                               X
6- Club 18                             X                               X
7- Schuylkill Mountaineers    X                               X
8- Tony's Meat Market          X                               X
9- South Cass                       X                               X
10- Fish Bone                       X                               $630                        $70
11- New Minersville                                                                                $900

- Schedules handded out

- winning team reports scores to John Williams text (570-573-3244) or email ([email protected])

- 1st rosters handded in

- If you have any roster changes please contact Scott Brennan, John Williams or anyother officers

- Final rosters are due 6/2/2016, if you have changes to your roster drop off a new copy with an officer, if you have no changes we will keep your 1st roster.

Next league meeting: April 21st

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Next league meeting is at April 21st
Bighill sports club


3/16/2016 meeting minutes

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Teams voted into the league for 2016:
1- Bighill                                 (Forestville)
2- Chicks                                (Forestville)
3- Minersville Frie & Rescue  (Fannies)
4- New Minersville                  (New Minersville)
5- Fishbone                             (Lower Heckshersville)
6- Sosar's                                (Upper Heckshersville)
7- Young Guns                       (Fannies) (submitting letter)
8- Club 18                               (New Minersville)
9- Schuylkill Mountaineers     (Lower Heckshersville)
10- Woody's                           (Upper Heckshersville)
11- South Cass                      (South Cass)

Team Dues:
-All teams except New Minersville paid $200 for league dues.

-Mike Carney will head the umpire for 2016.
-it was voted no raise for umpires this year.
- $27each umpire each game
- $40.5 if umpire dues a single game with one umpire.

Game Schedule:
- 1 division
- 24 games season
- 11 teams

-  1st 8 teams make it.
-  series's 3/5/5

reporting & seating:
-  must reschedule canceled games within 1 week (7 days)
- winning team reports scores
- Tie breakers (head to head then runs allowed)

Next meeting:
- April 21st @ 8pm @ big hill

3/16/2016 league meeting

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Next league meeting will be wednesday the 16th of March at the minersville fire and rescue at 7:30 pm.  It is located across the street from Lazerchicks Bar there is a parking lot and bar entrace in the back.


final vote for teams to enter the league
discuss league dues, insurance, team fields, amount of game and schedule
ASA certs

Playoff meeting

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2015 Playoff meeting to be held Thursday 7/30/2015 at the Forestville Hosey at 8:30pm.

- All teams that make playoff must attend.

- All teams are welcome to come.

- Playoffs will start Monday August 3rd.

- Playoff schedules will be handed out.


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