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5/28/2015 final roster meeting minutes

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- all team rosters are handed in.

- web site team rosters are correct and current for 2015 season.

- All teams are paid up for league fees.

- Playoff meeting to be held in July, (Affected teams will be notified).

4/22/2015 league meeting minutes

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Roll call:
- All teams present

League Dues:
- All teams BUT New Minersville are paid up to date for the year.
- New Minersville owes $875.00

- Sean Cooper will head the 2015 umpire squad.

Hechshersville Field maintainance:
- Home teams that do not have their field in playable condition (grass cut, chalk lined, racked) will risk a game  forfiet.

Next league meeting:
- The Thursday after memorial day June 4th.
- Copy of the final rosters need to be handed in.
- place and time will be sent to team contacts at a later date.

4/22/2015 next league meeting

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Next league meeting April 22nd

at Big Hill Sports Club 8pm.

3/18/2015 League Meeting minutes

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roll call:
Big Hill
Ashland Gun Club
New Minersville
South Cass
Minersville Fire & Rescue
Club 18
Young Guns
FIshbone (new)
Schuylkill Mountaineers (new)

New teams voted it: Fishbone and Schuylkill Mountaineers

Team name changes:
Ashland Gun Club is now Red, White & Blue Auto Sales
Fishbone is now The Bomb Squad
Young Guns is now Curran/Young Guns

Entrance fees paid:
Big Hill      $200
MFR          $200
RWB         $200
S. Cass     $200
Sosar        $200
Woody's    $200
Sch Mtnrs  $200
C/YG         $800
Bomb SQ  $200
Club 18     $200
Chicks       $200
New Miner   $0

Rules: Bats, Balls & Umpire rules have remained the same as previous year.

Game Schedule: It was voted, 12 teams with 2 divisions.
Play everybody in both divisions 2 times and everybody in your division 3 times, for a total of 27 games.
Division A
Sch. Mountaineers
Curran/Young Guns
Bonb Squad
New Minersville
Club 18

Division B
Big Hill
S. Cass

Playoffs: The top 2 teams from each division and the next 4 teams with the best record. 8 teams in all.
3 game, 5 game, 5 game sets and top seed plays bottom seed style.

Next Meeting: April 22nd at Big Hill at 8pm.

3/18/2015 Next league meeting

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Next league meeting 03/18/2015, 8pm at Big Hill. NEW MINERSVILLE

- $200 per team for league fees.

- last meeting to accept any new teams.

- discuss any new or changing rules.


2/18/2015 meeting minutes

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Role call
1 Big Hill
3 Club 18
4 Chicks
5 New Minersville
7 Sosar's
8 Branch - name change to South Cass - field change to South Cass
9 Chimahosky's - name change to Woody's
10 Young Guns - voted in - using the Hecksherville upper field - Shaw Haas was the representative

Yoco's - did not have a representative

- $200 league fees due next meeting for every team.
 - MFR proposed a draft tournament.  A list of any interested participants will be accepted at the next meeting. $20 per person.
- Next meeting March 18th at Big Hill (8pm).

End of 2014 season

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Chicks captures their 4th straight championship.

Minersville Fire and Rescure takes 2nd place.

Big Hill takes 3rd place.

Ashland Gun Club takes 4th place.

League meeting

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At Club 18 in Pottsville @ 8:30PM

Final rosters due, bring 15 copies.


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When picking up softballs from Schuylkill Valley Sports.  Make sure they are giving you 44 core balls and not 47 core, they have made mistakes in the past with this.  The harder balls do not go any farther when hit, they just destroy the bats.

League meeting minutes

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- All teams are paid up except 3 (Reading Anthracite, Club 18 and Mew Minersville)

- Money dead line is by the 1st game

- the friday game schedule was accepted

- if caught using an illegal bat = season suspension for player

- if you touch an umpire = season suspension for the player

- Branchdale noted :

 to slow down while driving through the patch town to there field.

no alcohol allow on the grounds.

not to park in the dirt driveway abouve the field



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