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2018 Officers

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President- Scott Brennen steps down, Jason Holley to accept.

Vice-President - Chris Glessner steps down, Conner Horan to accept.

Treasurer - John Williams to step down, Eric Thompson to accept.

Secretary - Jason Holley steps down, Tony Barone to accept.

2017 Championship

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Chick's takes their 7th championship by winning the 2017 league championship series.

Memorial Day Tournament

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 the 2017 Memorial Day Tournament results.

1- Chick's

2- Minersville Fire & Rescue

Mike ILsley STRONG fundraiser

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League meeting minutes - 4/20/2017

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Roll Call
TEAM                                    League Fees
1- Chicks                                Paid in full
2- Minersville F&R                  Paid in full
3- Progress Cleaners             Paid in full
4- South Cass                        Paid in full
5- Club 18                              Paid in full
6- Tony's Meat Market           Paid in full
7- The Wheel                         Paid in full
8- Big Hill                               Paid in full
9- Young Guns                      Paid in full
10- Fishbone                          Paid in full
11- Schuylkill Mountainrs      - $50
12- New Minersville               - $1100

Team Rosters
All 12 teams submitted correct rosters and they were reviewed by all teams

League insurance was paid out
ASA membership was paid out

Next Agenda
- Final rosters are due the 1st Thursday after Memorial day (we will set a time and place at a later date)

Next League Meeting - 4/20/2017

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Pottsville Amvet's (1300 Seneca st pottsville)



30 man roster due 16 copies needed

3/22/2017 League Meeting Minutes

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3/22/2017 League Meeting Minutes


Roll Call                                            Entrance Fee           Fields
1- Chick’s                                          $200                        Forestville
2- Minersville Fire & Rescue             $200                        Fannies
3- Progress Cleaners                        $200                        Upper Hecshersville
4- South Cass                                   $250                        South Cass
5- New Minersville                            Not paid                   New Minersville
6- Tony’s Meat Market                      $220                        Branchdale
7- The Wheel                                    $200                        Upper Hecshersville
8- Schuylkill Mountaineers                $200                        Lower Hecshersville
9- Big Hill                                          $200                         Forestville
10- Club 18                                       Not paid                   New Minersville
11- Young Guns                                $200                        Fannies
12- Fish Bone                                   $200                         Lower Hecshersville


- Sean Cooper as an umpire (yes-8 / no-3) = YES
- 2 divisions (unanimous) = YES
- Sunday games – 1 per month (unanimous) = YES
- Friday games (yes-9 / no-2) = YES
- The Marshall Rule (yes-8 / no-3) = YES


Division 1
                                          Division 2
Minersville Fire & Rescue                 Chicks
Young Guns                                      Big Hill
Club 18                                             Fish Bone
South Cass                                       New Minersville
Schuylkill Mountaineers                    Tony’s Meat Market
Progress Cleaners                            The Wheel

- Play your division 3 times
- Play the other division 2 times
- Total 27 games


Play offs
- Top 2 teams of each division
- Next 4 teams with the best records overall
- Tie breakers will be determined by runs against
- Series: 3/5/5


Rule Changes
- The Marshall Rule:
          o   Each team will get 1 mulligan, they can cancel 1 game.
          o   Game must be mulliganed 24hr prior (for umpire notice).
          o   The game still has to be rescheduled with in the 1 week allotted time frame.
          o   The opposing team will reschedule the game.
          0  When multiply games are played on the same field on that scheduled day - if one game
              plays, the mulligan counts.
          0  When games are during the week at multiple fields - if one game is played, the mulligan counts.
rule addition by the offices - temporarily ammended until next league meeting


- Forfeits: upon the 3rd team forfeit, the team will be out of the league and must be voted back into the league.

- Fines will be enforced this year for field care (cut grass, drag & line fields). Any fine incurred will be applied to the 2018 entrance fee of the team majority. Refer to league rules on website for further info.

- Regular season games: start @ 6:30pm with a 15 minute grace window
- Playoffs games: start @ 6:30pm with NO grace window


NEXT LEAGUE MEETING - 30 man roster is due 16 copies
Pottsville Amvet’s
1300 Seneca St, Pottsville


Next meeting place and time set wednesday March 22nd Chick's Bar (Gordon, PA) 7:30pm Teams need to bring $200 entrance fee

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Next meeting place and time set


wednesday March 22nd

Chick's Bar (Gordon, PA)


Teams need to bring $200 entrance fee

2/21/2017- League Meeting munutes

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Roll call
1-Big Hill
3-Club 18
4-New Minersville
5-Minersville Fiire & Rescue (MFR)
6-Young Guns
7-South Cass
8-Tony's Meat Market (TMM)
9-Fishbone - Absent
10-Sosar's - Absent
11-Schuylkill Mountainers - Absent

New Teams
12-The Wheel
13-Progress Cleaners

- The 2 new teams (The Wheel and Progress Cleaners) were voted into the league for 2017.

- The League officers were voted on, There was no change of officers
President - Scott Brennan
Vic-President - Chris Glesner
Treasurer - John Williams
Secretary - Jason Holley

- Next meeting place and time set

wednesday March 22nd 
Chick's Bar (Gordon, PA)
Teams need to bring $200 entrance fee

RIP - Bob Rizzardi

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Tuesday September 6th 2016 - Robert Rizzardi Pasted away unexpectedly.  All of you who played in the Minersville Men's Modified League would remember him as the long time umpire that was friends with everyone.  Lets give a prayer to him and his family.

RIP Bob.