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Minersville Fire & Rescue wins the 2018 Championship!

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Minersville Fire & Rescue defeated South Cass 3 games to 1 to capture the 2018 Minersville Modified Softball League Championship.

2018 Officers

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President- Scott Brennen steps down, Jason Holley to accept.

Vice-President - Chris Glessner steps down, Conner Horan to accept.

Treasurer - John Williams to step down, Eric Thompson to accept.

Secretary - Jason Holley steps down, Tony Barone to accept.

2017 Championship

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Chick's takes their 7th championship by winning the 2017 league championship series.

Memorial Day Tournament

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 the 2017 Memorial Day Tournament results.

1- Chick's

2- Minersville Fire & Rescue

Mike ILsley STRONG fundraiser

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League meeting minutes - 4/20/2017

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Roll Call
TEAM                                    League Fees
1- Chicks                                Paid in full
2- Minersville F&R                  Paid in full
3- Progress Cleaners             Paid in full
4- South Cass                        Paid in full
5- Club 18                              Paid in full
6- Tony's Meat Market           Paid in full
7- The Wheel                         Paid in full
8- Big Hill                               Paid in full
9- Young Guns                      Paid in full
10- Fishbone                          Paid in full
11- Schuylkill Mountainrs      - $50
12- New Minersville               - $1100

Team Rosters
All 12 teams submitted correct rosters and they were reviewed by all teams

League insurance was paid out
ASA membership was paid out

Next Agenda
- Final rosters are due the 1st Thursday after Memorial day (we will set a time and place at a later date)

Next League Meeting - 4/20/2017

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Pottsville Amvet's (1300 Seneca st pottsville)



30 man roster due 16 copies needed

3/22/2017 League Meeting Minutes

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3/22/2017 League Meeting Minutes


Roll Call                                            Entrance Fee           Fields
1- Chick’s                                          $200                        Forestville
2- Minersville Fire & Rescue             $200                        Fannies
3- Progress Cleaners                        $200                        Upper Hecshersville
4- South Cass                                   $250                        South Cass
5- New Minersville                            Not paid                   New Minersville
6- Tony’s Meat Market                      $220                        Branchdale
7- The Wheel                                    $200                        Upper Hecshersville
8- Schuylkill Mountaineers                $200                        Lower Hecshersville
9- Big Hill                                          $200                         Forestville
10- Club 18                                       Not paid                   New Minersville
11- Young Guns                                $200                        Fannies
12- Fish Bone                                   $200                         Lower Hecshersville


- Sean Cooper as an umpire (yes-8 / no-3) = YES
- 2 divisions (unanimous) = YES
- Sunday games – 1 per month (unanimous) = YES
- Friday games (yes-9 / no-2) = YES
- The Marshall Rule (yes-8 / no-3) = YES


Division 1
                                          Division 2
Minersville Fire & Rescue                 Chicks
Young Guns                                      Big Hill
Club 18                                             Fish Bone
South Cass                                       New Minersville
Schuylkill Mountaineers                    Tony’s Meat Market
Progress Cleaners                            The Wheel

- Play your division 3 times
- Play the other division 2 times
- Total 27 games


Play offs
- Top 2 teams of each division
- Next 4 teams with the best records overall
- Tie breakers will be determined by runs against
- Series: 3/5/5


Rule Changes
- The Marshall Rule:
          o   Each team will get 1 mulligan, they can cancel 1 game.
          o   Game must be mulliganed 24hr prior (for umpire notice).
          o   The game still has to be rescheduled with in the 1 week allotted time frame.
          o   The opposing team will reschedule the game.
          0  When multiply games are played on the same field on that scheduled day - if one game
              plays, the mulligan counts.
          0  When games are during the week at multiple fields - if one game is played, the mulligan counts.
rule addition by the offices - temporarily ammended until next league meeting


- Forfeits: upon the 3rd team forfeit, the team will be out of the league and must be voted back into the league.

- Fines will be enforced this year for field care (cut grass, drag & line fields). Any fine incurred will be applied to the 2018 entrance fee of the team majority. Refer to league rules on website for further info.

- Regular season games: start @ 6:30pm with a 15 minute grace window
- Playoffs games: start @ 6:30pm with NO grace window


NEXT LEAGUE MEETING - 30 man roster is due 16 copies
Pottsville Amvet’s
1300 Seneca St, Pottsville


Next meeting place and time set wednesday March 22nd Chick's Bar (Gordon, PA) 7:30pm Teams need to bring $200 entrance fee

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Next meeting place and time set


wednesday March 22nd

Chick's Bar (Gordon, PA)


Teams need to bring $200 entrance fee

2/21/2017- League Meeting munutes

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Roll call
1-Big Hill
3-Club 18
4-New Minersville
5-Minersville Fiire & Rescue (MFR)
6-Young Guns
7-South Cass
8-Tony's Meat Market (TMM)
9-Fishbone - Absent
10-Sosar's - Absent
11-Schuylkill Mountainers - Absent

New Teams
12-The Wheel
13-Progress Cleaners

- The 2 new teams (The Wheel and Progress Cleaners) were voted into the league for 2017.

- The League officers were voted on, There was no change of officers
President - Scott Brennan
Vic-President - Chris Glesner
Treasurer - John Williams
Secretary - Jason Holley

- Next meeting place and time set

wednesday March 22nd 
Chick's Bar (Gordon, PA)
Teams need to bring $200 entrance fee